Furries of the Home Front

March 20, 2010

Now it is time to take a look at the furry creatures of the home front. Both those that are with us now and some that are not.

First off we have the current fluffy resident of my room. His name is Leo and he is a guinea pig. He is very quiet but has recently started squeaking a little since he started interacting with our other pig. His distinct features are the orange mask on his face, and the “Y” on his head. His favorite activities are perching on his log and running around his cage until it’s time for a nap.

Next up is our senior piggy in the house. His distinguishing features are an alternating pattern of black and white which earned him the instant name of Oreo. His favorite activities are eating, spooning with his food bowl, and ravenously sniffing Leo. He is very vocal all the time and likes to cuddle up to your face when he is held. When he comes into contact with Leo he unleashes his ultimate weapon. The Omega Butt Canon. A putrid spray of mystery fluid.

The largest resident furry is our dog Lady. She likes to spend her days chasing cows out of the yard. For her fine dining consists of cow patties and delivery men. She is very nice unless she doesn’t know you or your in a uniform. New people must be formally introduced or else you’ll be consumed.

The newest furry to appear on the home front is out cat Luna. She is a very curious kitten that often stands up like a squirrel. Her curiosity often lands her in places like a filled bath tub or some potted plants. The things she wants to eat are our guinea pigs and computer wires. She is a very affectionate kitten that is almost always purring and likes to have her tummy rubbed.

One of the furries that is no longer with us is our bunny Bob. He was a wild rabbit that we caught under the house. He stayed with my brother and ended up taking after him in that he became very muscular. He used to spend his time sitting in his food bowl, but he perished in an unfortunate jumping accident. Now he is buried by the door to our house.

The former furry of my room is this bunny Momiji. He was the second rabbit captured under our house. His special skill was escaping while being held and silently hiding in the most impossible places of any room. His record is 6 hours on the run. He was set free to avoid meeting the same fate as Bob. It is currently unknown if he is still among the living.

There is one other furry that once roamed the home front. It was a rag doll cat named Bridgette who ended up dieing of liver failure. unfortunately there are no pictures of her to present here, but I feel that it is still important to mention her.



  1. These photos made me a bit homesick but thanks for posting them.

    I laughed at the part where the dog eats delivery men. Not an understatement. ^^;

  2. This is mom John 🙂 I loved the photos and captions…I’ll see if I can get a picture of Bridgett if you would like? Love you guys and great job John!

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