About my Mascot Luca

April 9, 2010

At long last the time has come to provide some information on my mascot Luca.

This lovely demon girl is named Luca and she is the proud mascot of my blog. The best way to describe Luca is lazy. Though she claims to be a very capable and powerful demon she hates to work. In her day-to-day life she tends to expend more energy trying to avoid working than it would have taken her to do the tasks assigned to her. She joined the devil census bureau in hell, but after finding her daily duties to be to much of a chore she snuck up to earth. Now she spends her days enjoying life on the surface under the guise of monitoring human life on earth.

Luca’s basic stats:

Name: Luca (she refuses to be called anything else)

Age of appearance: 12 years old

Real age: A gentleman should never ask for a woman’s age

Demon rank: S (supposedly)

Favorite things to eat: Anything hot and sweet

Least favorite things to eat: Anything cold, bitter, or slimy

Favorite color: Red

Least favorite color: Green

Luca’s loves and hates:


1. She loves being lazy and sleeping late or all day as the case may be

2. She loves playing dress up for the express purpose of playing tricks on people.


1. She hates work of any kind unless it is prank related.

2. She hates nicknames and is not afraid to beat down anyone who tries to give her one.

Unusual notes:

1. Despite being from hell Luca doesn’t like to be hot and often finds herself swimming at the pool or beach. Though she insists that she is swimming it is more like floating aimlessly.

2. Luca’s general disposition towards humans is very demanding and impatient, but she has a large soft spot for small furry animals.

3. Though Luca is generally very confident, she is easily startled by loud noises and is scared of thunder.

Most of the time Luca can be found wondering around town or lazing about under a tree in the local park.

Sometimes Luca disguises herself as a middle school student in order to eat at the school cafeteria. She also uses this outfit to blend in at the local pet store where she spends a great deal of time cuddling the bunnies.


One comment

  1. Hi there 🙂

    I really like the character descriptions! Some of Luca’s personality traits and likes remind me of someone who lives in our home! LOL! 🙂 She is adorable though and if she is in an Anime series, I wouldn’t mind watching! It sounds like it would be a good plot line! Love and hugs to you, Meg!

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