Mystery on the home front

September 7, 2010

Today I set out with the innocent intention of hammering an axe into a piece of wood. I did just that and the axe got stuck. To do this perfectly safe activity I went to a secluded clearing in the woods behind the house. When I got there I became a bit distracted by the field of death that spread out for yards in front of me.


The bones were clearly that of a cow due to their size and shape. It was also apparent that the remains of multiple cows were here due to the fact that at least two skulls and pelvis were discovered.

What was even stranger than the sheer number of bones was the fact that many of the bones were damaged in extreme ways. The bones were not just scattered about or chewed on but were actually shattered, crushed, and even split cleanly as if they were cut.

Perhaps the most mysterious thing I saw in the clearing were large prints that were scattered about among the many cow tracks. These broad prints looked very similar to the paws of a large cat.

On the one hand this clearing is a known dumping ground for dead cattle, and on the other hand mountain lions have historically inhabited the area. It also doesn’t help that a mountain lion had been spotted in the area recently. Is this field of carnage simply man-made mayhem, or is it possible that these bloated bovine corpses have attracted something far more dangerous. For now it remains a mystery.


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